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Great leaders launch great movements, and FREZZOR is a great movement, with a great leader.

Noel Turner is a global citizen. Kiwi by birth, American and European by choice…Noel lives a life of integrity.
He’s authentic, enduring, compelling, relentless, and dedicated to perfection.

His commitment to excellence has been observed by thousands. His passion and energy moves the people
around him. He’s a motivator who travels the planet to inspire people.

When you meet Noel, you stretch to find the caption to put under his portrait: Passionate? Visionary? Unique?
Any of those would fit, but none say it all. The most concise caption? FREZZOR!

The Story of FREZZOR and Noel Turner’s life story are tightly aligned.
They are inseparable: his philosophy, passion, values, integrity, and beliefs are woven into the fabric of FREZZOR.


Our culture, philosophy, mission, passion, values, integrity are intrinsically woven into the fabric of FREZZOR. We are passionately committed to helping people achieve and sustain vitality, energy, health, well-being, happiness, and prosperity as they pursue the life for which they were created to experience.


People who live in the 21st Century are dying from toxic, polluted and chemically contaminated food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. But there is a miracle. Everything our body requires to function at its optimum is found within nature. New Zealand is nature’s ultimate organic treasure chest. It remains untouched by the pollutants that affect the viability of human health and wellness. FREZZOR delivers the very best of nutritional life-enhancement to those who desire optimal wellbeing, energy, and vitality.


FREZZOR is the ultimate in purity, effectiveness, and quality. Our iconic world-class ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ consists of the most powerful omega-3s, antioxidants, superfoods, plants, herbs, botanicals, phytonutrients, anthocyanins, polyphenols, adaptogens, phytochemicals, quercetin, protein, amino acids, enzymes, fiber, probiotics, prebiotics, minerals, and vitamins found in nature.
We guarantee that incorporating the FREZZOR ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ into your daily regiment will have
a profound life-enhancing positive impact on your health and well-being.

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The intelligence of science is found within nature. FREZZOR delivers the cleanest and most efficacious ingredients from the last pure source on the planet; New Zealand. We are absolutely confident that each ingredient contained within our ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ are the absolute best in their class. Global visionary Noel Turner and his team of world-renowned scientists and researchers have formulated the ultimate collection of life-changing wellness products. Each ingredient has been carefully studied, researched, and analyzed to ensure maximum effectiveness and bio-availability to work synergistically at the cellular level to provide optimal wellness.


New Zealand. The purest country on the planet. Millions of years of untouched virgin terrain. If you demand the highest quality. If you crave the very best. Then it always starts at the source. New Zealand is the source and FREZZOR is the very best from the last organic sustainable source on the planet.


For centuries scientists, biologists, researchers, functional medicine experts, holistic practitioners have studied the health benefits of nature’s healing intelligence. Research has confirmed that clean natural unprocessed food and nutrition provides the ultimate fuel and energy to empower humans to operate at their biological best. Our FREZZOR ‘Organic Nutritional Lifestyle Collection’ has been designed to support optimal brain and body performance.

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