Manuka Honey Uff1000

$69.99 $59.99

250 Grams
25 Servings per Jar
1 Teaspoon per Day To Maintain Good Health OR 2 Teaspoons per Day To Fight Illness
Digestive Health



Premium Pure Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey blended with 6 Very Powerful Proprietary Anti-Microbial Life-Enhancing Plant and Mineral Bioactives and Flavonoids called “The Ultimate FREZZOR Factor 1000″ to support Optimal Health.

FREZZOR Manuka Honey from New Zealand’s remote pollution-free wild native Manuka flower is globally renowned for its superior health benefits. FREZZOR proprietary formula of 6 super-potent plant Polyphenols and minerals blended with NZ Manuka Honey to create UFF1000 “Ultimate FREZZOR Factor 1000” supports digestive health, stomach ailments, immune system, respiratory system, bacterial balance, relief of coughs and sore throats.

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